Spring Cleaning: Why You Should Review Your Policy

It’s spring in Central New York, and along with warmer breezes and renewed spirits comes a desire to freshen up our homes.  But did you know that spring is also the perfect time for refreshing your homeowners insurance policy? Many times we make major changes over the course of a year, but don’t realize that our policy’s coverage may not apply to these updates (especially over a long winter!).

Here are a few really good reasons to take a fresh look at your homeowners insurance policy :

Home Renovations

Did you add a new deck, bathroom, or kitchen over the winter? As you increase the value of your home, your homeowners insurance should reflect it accordingly to ensure proper coverage.

New Purchases

Did Santa bring you a trampoline, new furniture, or a flat screen TV?  It is in your best interest to take an inventory of any new expensive items that need to be covered.

In-Home Business

Did you start a new business out of your home? A standard homeowners insurance policy may provide limited or no coverage for business property that is stored in your home. Additionally, coverage limits offered to you may not be high enough to fully protect your business items. It’s worth checking into, because an unforeseen accident could potentially take your business out of commission.

A New Family Member

If you’ve recently welcomed a new baby, you understand how important it is to “baby proof” your home, such as installing outlet covers or cabinet safety clips. Remember that it’s also important to notify your insurance company that you’ve done so in order to reduce liability.

Blending households? If you are adding multiple members to your household, it is time to consider refreshing your homeowners insurance policy to be sure everyone’s possessions are fully covered.
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Bundle Your Home and Auto Policies

Bundling your home and auto insurance together under the same carrier often brings you a significant discount. However, be sure to have your agent do their homework, as this does not always mean it is the cheapest option for you and your needs.
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Posted by Tom Cole